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Hi! I’m Tim Lyles and I love music, guitar, and teaching about both of these items. I’m currently a guitar instructor at a private music college in St. Paul, MN and I also carry a contingent of private guitar students in two other locations within the Twin Cities metro area. I have built a long career of performing, recording and teaching music in many different capacities, as well as working in other forms of media. My roots lie in the music of the South— the blues and gospel of the Mississippi Delta, and the funk and soul of Memphis, TN — where I grew up. After attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA and graduating from the University of Memphis with a degree in Music and Media, I married a piano player and moved to Minnesota. Don’t ask why. It’s a long story! The Twin Cities music scene has been the perfect place for the two of us to craft freelance careers in music and raise two very creative daughters. Now in my later years, I desire to teach others what I’ve learned about creating music and a life based around it, and enabling musicians to find their way in a new and ever-changing musical landscape.


Theme from Sanford & Son – by Quincy Jones

I Wish I Knew- by Harry Warren/Mack Gordon



The Music Connection in Forest Lake, MN: (651) 464-5252

LaVonne Music in Savage, MN: (952) 890-7288

Groth Music in Bloomington, MN: (952) 884-4772

Cadenza Music in St. Paul, MN: (651) 644-3611


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