⊕ Teaching Philosophy and Policies ⊕

Teaching Philosophy:

Learning to play the guitar should be fun and enjoyable, although sometimes it’s challenging and requires patience and diligence. I strive to provide balance in my lessons between fun and work— both are needed to make you a better guitarist. There are many guitar techniques and musical principles I am eager to teach, but I also want to show you how to play your favorite music. The lessons I offer are all about a balance between what I want to teach you and what you want to learn. You may play electric guitar, acoustic, nylon string or bass guitar. You may like country, heavy metal, blues, jazz, classical or your own unique and original music. I am open to all of it. I also like to structure my lessons around a Rhythm of five areas of guitar study: Chords, Scales, Repertoire, Improvisation and Note Literacy.

My goal is to simply help you become a better guitarist in an enjoyable and enriching setting— to patiently help you understand and acquire the necessary skills. People inherently know that progress on a musical instrument requires disciplined practice, dedication, and a commitment of effort. A minimum of half an hour in consistent, concentrated practice, at least five days a week is what I expect of my students. My advanced students spend at least an hour in practice, six days a week. Even more important than the amount of time spent is a commitment to accomplishment and focus. Few things in life are more fulfilling than experiencing a sense of accomplishment and improvement on the coolest of all musical instruments— the guitar! I hope you enjoy the same. Good Journeys!

Private Lesson Policies:

♦ Lesson tuition is charged on a calendar monthly basis, due on or before the first lesson of the month. Most months will have 4 lessons, but some will have 5 and others 3 (due to holidays.) The per-lesson rate will be multiplied by however many lesson days are in a calendar month.

♦ Lessons cancelled by the student are not subject to refund. Please realize that, even though music lessons may be a recreational activity for you, teachers rely on lessons as a steady source of income. Most importantly, consistency and commitment are key elements to the learning process. You will not be charged for any lessons cancelled by the teacher.

♦ You must provide the teacher with a two week notice in order to terminate lessons.

♦ If your lesson payments are more than two weeks past due, or you miss two weeks of lessons in succession without notifying your teacher, the teacher may, at his discretion, remove you from the schedule and offer that lesson time to a new student.

♦ Students are expected to be on time for lessons. Late arrival will mean a shortened lesson. In the event the teacher is late, you will receive the full lesson time.

♦ Always bring your instrument and lesson materials.

♦ Sometimes, despite the best intentions, teacher/student chemistry doesn’t work out and personality types are mismatched. The teacher has the prerogative to give notice and terminate the lessons at the end of a payment period or refund payment.